Amstrad CPC Disk Collection

Advanced OCP Art Studio, The

Back to the Future

Bart vs. The Space Mutants




CP/M Plus



Cyrus II Chess

Dark Force (Compilation)

Nightbreed - The Action Game

Dark Force (Compilation)

Midnight Resistance

Dragon's Lair Part 2

Dr Logo & Help

Emlyn Hughes - International Soccer

Fighter Pilot

Football Manager

World Cup Edition

Amstrad Games Disk 1 (Compliation)

Doors of Doom, Hunchback II, Supertest Day 1, Roland in Time, NOMAD, Hunchback I

Amstrad Games Disk 2 (Compliation)

Qabbalah, The Prize, Supertest Day 2, Tubaruba, World Series Baseball, Shape & Sound

Amstrad Games Disk 3 (Compliation)

Monopoly, Cluedo, Scalextric, Scrabble

Amstrad Games Disk 4 (Compliation)

Trivial Pursuit

Game Set & Match 2 (Compilation)

Basket Master, Nick Faldo Plays The Open, Championship Sprint + Editor, Ian Botham's Cricket, Match Day II, Steve Davis' Snooker, Track & Field, Super Hang-On


Gargoyle Classics (Compilation)

RSweevo's World, Tir Na Nog, Dun Darach, Marsport & Heavy on the Magic

Graphic Adventure Creator

Hero Quest

Hollywood Collection (Compilation)

Ghostbusters II, Indiana Jones (Missing 1st Disk)


Kick-Off Collection (Compilation)

Kick Off, Kick Off World Cup Edition, Kick Off 2


Kung-Fu Master

Licence To Kill


Manchester United

Maximum Action Xtra (Compilation)

SWIV, Night Shift, Turrican II,
St Dragon

Mini Office

Movie Premier (Compilation)

Back to the Future Part II, Gremlins 2, Teenage Mutant
Hero Turtles, Indiana Jones

Operation Wolf



Pipe Mania

Predator 2

Saint & Greavsie


Silent Servicet

Smash TV

Steve Davis Snooker

Super Off Road

Tank Attack

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

They Sold A Million (Compilation)

Beach Head, Daley Thompson's Decathalon, Sabre Wulf,
Jet Set Willy

Total Recall

Trivial Pursuit

Genus Edition


World Cup Soccer Italia '90

WWF Wrestle Mania